Real Time Website Design Collaboration

Collab Rocket is the task based collaboration tool for teams working on website design

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Create design tasks directly on your live websites

  • Select affected elements
    Pin your tasks to elements on your website, you task will be immediately visible to your teammates.
  • Assign to teammate
    Assign your task to one of your teammates, give it a priority and due date
  • Comment and tag
    Add comments to tasks and tag your teammates for a response

Test designs before making a code change

  • Edit Elements
    Edit rotation, width, height, borders, box shadows, filters and more
  • Modify content
    Replace text, change font, set font style and more
  • Replace images
    Change background images with ease

Experiment and collaborate with teammates

  • Undo / Redo changes
    Undo and redo changes made to an element for a specific task.
  • View Tasks Before & After
    Turn on and off all changes for a specific task or all tasks. Mix and match changes to see how designs work together.
  • Organise with kanban board
    Use the fully-featured kanban board to organise tasks, trello and more integrations coming soon
  • Collaborate on design in real time
    View your teammates changes in real time
  • Export Your Design
    Save the CSS styles of an individual task or all active styles on a page.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started with CollabRocket?

To get started, first create an account with CollabRocket, then create a workspace for your company or originzation. Within the workspace create a project, for example a new ecommerce solution you are creating for a client. Now that you have a project you can create your first site, for example the landing page of your ecommerce solution.

To connect the CollabRocket site to your website copy and paste the javascript snippet to your html. This website on your localhost, dev, qa or prod environments. Only people logged into you CollabRocket workspace will see the CollabRocket widget.

What integrations are available with CollabRocket?

We currently don't have any integrations but we are working on trello and jira integrations and more.

Is CollabRocket free?

Yes, CollabRocket is currently free, any accounts made during the beta will remain free for three months once CollabRocket leaves the beta.

How many people can collaborate on one project?

CollabRockets allows unlimited collaborators on all projects.

How does the live collaboration work?

CollabRockets uses websocket technology so that you can collaborate in real time with your teammates.


Free Beta
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Real Time Collaboration
  • Kanban Board

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CollabRocket is real time collaboration

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